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What Can This Transformation Do For You?

Realtors and homebuilders need to take photos of their respective listings so they can get them listed and sold for the most amount possible. Many pull-out their smartphones, snap some photos and and call it a day. Easy, right?

While the cameras we carry in our pockets are simple and easy to use they're just not fit for listing photos. They don't have the horsepower of a professional camera nor the experience of a professional - which can result in the listing getting passed over by a potential buyer as they peruse online photos, extending the buying cycle and leaving money out of your pocket!

In an effort to shed some light on the subject (pun intended!) I thought I'd share with you a comparison of photos taken with a camera phone and one taken by a professional and let the results speak for themselves. Take the photo below of a home in Naperville, taken with a smartphone:

Now the same house, same day, same time - taken by a professional:

Put yourself in a potential buyers' shoes - which photo would you be more apt to click on, and subsequently buy?


Leslie is owner and president of Leslie Lemons Photography which provides high-quality residential real estate photography for realtor offices large and small throughout Chicagoland and the west suburbs of Chicago.

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