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An image is worth a thousand words…but how many photos should you upload for your listing on the MLS?

Historically the number of images allowed per property has been limited to 25 photos. In a recent announcement from MRED (Midwest Real Estate Data) the maximum photo count of 25 images has been lifted, meaning that listing agents can post an unlimited amount of photos per listing.

The question becomes: Should listing agents now post more photos per listing?

The simple answer is that it depends. More photos doesn’t mean an improved likelihood of success, but it does afford some additional flexibility for certain properties.

In my experience most listing agents post 18-25 photos per listing, and the math is simple: 1-2 photos per room for a 4 bedroom property with multiple shots of the kitchen, entryway, front exterior, backyard, basement, and more equates to around 20 photos.

The upside to unlimited photos now means that listing agents have more flexibility to capture very specific features of their listing. Maybe it’s an extra image of an industrial-grade kitchen, or a walk-out basement, or the intricate stonework of a fireplace.

Lifting the limit on photos per listing makes it more imperative than ever before that listing agents use a professional real estate photographer that has the experience to get the right shots, at the right angles, of the right features.

Long story short: the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos for your listing doesn’t mean you should upload more photos. It simply means that it is now more important than ever to capture the right images to convey the value of the property, whether that’s accomplished in 15 photos or 50.


Leslie Lemons owns and operates Leslie Lemons Photography based in Naperville, Illinois. You can reach Leslie via email here.

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