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Cloudy Skies Delaying Your Listings?

The good news is that spring has sprung! The bad news for listing agents is that spring weather can swing wildly, from warm and sunny to cold and overcast all in a matter of hours.

So what does the weather have to do with your listing?

You’ve worked hard to get the listing, and now that you have it you need to get it listed quickly to ensure success. You get dates on the calendar for pre-listing activities like prepping the home and having photos taken, but unfortunately the spring weather doesn’t cooperate.

Instead of delaying the shoot because of the weather, leverage a professional real estate photographer. Why?

A good real estate photographer will capture good photos in great conditions, but a great photographer will capture great photos in poor conditions.

See the images below of a recent listing where I took photos in cloudy conditions. By applying a brighter sky image to the background in post-editing it improved the quality of the listing photos and will help it sell quickly:

real estate photography

Also keep in mind that if you’re taking your own photos the problem becomes magnified since you’ll have to pay to license photo editing software, purchase stock photos to fit the setting, and incorporate them into the original photo - none of which are easy for do-it-yourselfers.

So the next time you get a listing, don’t worry as much about weather conditions - worry more about getting a professional real estate photographer that can overcome the challenges of springtime’s less-than-ideal weather.

Leslie Lemons owns and operates Leslie Lemons Real Estate Photography based in Naperville, IL. Contact Leslie today to get your listing photo shoot scheduled today.

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