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Are Your Listing Photos Going to Get You Fired?

Recently I worked with an agent that took-over an existing listing because the prior listing agent was fired. While there were other reasons the agent was fired, the primary reason was because of poor-quality listing photos. The prior listing agent did what many agents do - grabbed their smartphone, snapped some pics and posted them on the MLS - and they did not look good.

But there is much more to the story than poor-quality photos. Many agents don’t appreciate the value of using a professional real estate photographer since a picture is just a picture, right?

WRONG. There are several elements a professional photographer can bring to the table that can keep you from getting fired because of poor photos:

1. Professional-Grade: High-resolution professional photos provide the detail and clarity that your listing deserves, above and beyond the 1-5MB photo size a smartphone can produce.

2. Telling the Story: The right photographer can help you tell the story of the listing including highlighting strengths and downplaying weaknesses. If the kitchen is a strong selling point, highlighting it with stand-alone lighting and the right angles will help you tell the story.

3. Post-Photo Editing: Professional with experience and technical skill can turn dark skies blue, blend several images together, provide crystal-clear views out of windows, and much more.

4. Staging: One of the worst things you can do as a listing agent is to take your own photos after a professional home stager has prepped the home. You invested the money in staging, why not bring-out the best of their work?

When you’ve worked hard and spent your own money marketing yourself, don’t lose your hard-earned listings because of poor photos.


Leslie Lemons owns and operates Leslie Lemons Photography based in Naperville, Illinois. You can reach Leslie via email here.

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